Dining at Brentwood at Niles

With a Dining Services Director who creates an exemplary menu that tends to the dietary needs and requests of our residents, the dining experience at Brentwood at Niles is nothing short of satisfying. Our assisted living community offers residents three meals a day, all of which can be altered to accommodate specific preparatory needs, including regular, mechanical soft, diabetic, and pureed.

We offer residents a continual selection of freshly prepared, nutritious, and tasty meals. Our signature Marvelous Meals program features “from scratch” cooking utilizing fresh, local ingredients. In everything they do, the dining team at Brentwood at Niles works to:

  • Create a variety of traditional meals
  • Provide a selection of fresh, flavorful dishes using low-sodium, heart-healthy ingredients and cooking techniques
  • Cater to the requests and dietary needs of residents
  • Tailor the menu to the traditional cuisine of the local area
  • Highlight seasonal specialties throughout the year
Formal dining room at Brentwood at Niles.
Casual dining room at Brentwood at Niles.

Throughout the year, we offer special nights where residents and their families, as well as potential future residents and their families, come together to share conversation over a meal. On these evenings, we give you and your family the opportunity to ask questions. Being able to discuss the difficulties of your current situation with individuals who went through the exact same life transitions can be immensely helpful. Here, at Brentwood at Niles, we want you and your loved one to feel confident in the decisions you make. To that end, we give you every opportunity to ask questions, obtain resident insight and feedback, discover the confidence you need, and then ultimately decide whether we’re the right fit for you.

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